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Post  Momahnetron on Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:55 am

Name: Momahnetron
Age: 32
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 226lb
Finisher: It's Nearly Over (explicit) Taunt: Woop Woop Finisher ( Fans favorite)
Face or Heel: face

About him:

Momahnetron was like any budding wrestler when he started he strove for greatness and wanting to be the Heavyweight Champion of the world and his early career seemed promising with him beating all his opponents but not challenging for belts or tournaments because he wasn't prepared to be distracted from his ultimate goal of being the best in the world.

This all changed when he lost in a Buried Alive match he was taunting to the crowd and hitting his opponent with one powerful punch after another taking in the crowds applause he was distracted when out of nowhere a devastating sledgehammer blow left him unconscious as he was dragged into a pit and covered with dirt.

Momahnetron kept a low profile for a long spell and his confidence had deserted him but he did play a few wrestling matches against easy opposition not want to give up on his goals. Shortly he was beating everyone around his level with ease and this helped him get a new plan. This devious plan was simple and cunning and would see him fighting the best in no time. This plan was to beat everyone his level until he was stronger than wrestlers above him then he would target them and so on. Momahnetron now effortlessly beats his opponents and is always the Tournament or Elimination Chamber favorite when he enters.

But Momahnetron is a wrestler like no other even though he brutally hurts his opponent mentally and physically during each fight he always gives them some time to recover a bit whilst he is making the crowd chant his name in uproar. He has a tendency to get distracted by his fans, mainly the women but he doesn't let him affect his game (too much Very Happy )

Oh and hi btw


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Momahnetron  Empty Re: Momahnetron

Post  whosyourdady on Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:38 am

hi and welcome Very Happy

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