The Clone Makes his Freakish Appearance

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The Clone Makes his Freakish Appearance  Empty The Clone Makes his Freakish Appearance

Post  Goku on Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:11 am

*Show begins as the camera goes in a 360 turn until a music dongs 3 times then finally someone comes out, Fans are shocked to see a man with black boots red flame pants and wrist bands with tc on them*

*The Clone walks down the aisle as the crowd is spooked at the sight of him, he then makes his way to the ring and gets on the ropes and bounces off and raise his fist signalling it at the fans*

*The Clone grabs a mic and stares freakly at the announcer who runs to his seat*

Clone:I am The Clone the next fearsome creature on this planet.

*Clone smirks*

Clone:I will crush my victims and send their ashes to hell and i will save you all from them.

*Fans chant Freak *

Clone:Call me what you want i will destroy them and thats all.

Clone:If ya feelin what the clone is bringin.

*Clone drops the mic and walks off as the camera fades*


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