The Freak is unleashed

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The Freak is unleashed Empty The Freak is unleashed

Post  Goku on Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:13 am

*Clone goes backstage and grabs the mic and begins to speak taking the mic off the interviewer
Clone:u do not need it and i will now destroy you and the rest of the locker room now.
*Clone smirks*
Clone:if i do not get a match tonight you will have no crew left so no show got it and to show im not bluffing i will start with this guy.
*Fans watch in horror on the titatron watching the clone decimate the interviewer*
*Clone grabs the interviewer from behind and twirls him behind and clone hooks his legs between the interviewers head and driver him head first on the concrete, Refs get medical team there only till the refs get choke slammed through glass windows*
Clone:you get the message this is what will happen if this continues okay, If ya feelin what the clone is bringin

Clone walks away as the camera fades


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