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Post  Joker on Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:42 am

* We cut in on Joker back stage, wandering around looking for something... He turns down a hallway and sees Whisper stand next to a powerade machine, drinking a powerade. *

Joker: " Hey you ! Whisper, have you seen Marilyn around here??? "

* Whisper point at the door across the hall as he powers down his powerade. *

Joker: " Thanks loser!! You can drink all the powerade you want, but it still wont give you the power like Joker. "

* Joker flexes and stricks a pose, before moving on to the door pointed out to him. Joker thrusts the door open to find Marilyn sitting in a chair talking to BUAI5 as he punches away on a punching bag. Both Marilyn and BUAI5 turn to Joker in suprise. *

Joker: " Marilyn...Marilyn...Marilyn of all the places in the world, I find you in some losers locker room. I'm very shocked and suprised by this!!! You know my business comes first and Light Weight Title is the first matter of business. "

Marilyn : " Oh no Joker I do understand that.. I was just setting up a interview with BUAI5 for his match tonight. "

BUAI5: " Yea Joker !! I get interview time too. You can hog all of the air time around here!!!! You lucky I dont punch you like you're this pnching bag. "

Joker: " Pretty Merilyn I see your little friend has jokes in his back pocket. But what you failed to realize BUAI5, is you'll get that chance to punch me tonight. As we meet in the Poison match, that I have the perfect script to win it all with. And it all starts right now ......Lights... Camras...Action!!!! "

* Joker kicks BUAI5 in the mid section making him bend over, Joker then irish whips him through the open door into the hallway and BUAI5 slams face first into the powerade machine knocking Whisper's powerade out of his hand..... Joker exits the room and is now coming toward BUAI5, but BUAI5 turns the tables by bouncing back with a stright right hand that stuns Joker and he staggers towards the curtain leading to ring side. BUAI5 runs at Joker but catches him with a backbody drop, sending him flying through the curtain onto the ring enterance.....( THE FILLED ARENA ERRUPTS IN A DEAFING ROAR !!!! ) Joker comes out and grabs BUAI5 by the hair and drags him to the ring and flings him under the bottom rope. Joker grabs a mic ......*

Joker: " Get out here Ref !! Let start this match !!!! "

*Crowd cheers and chants Joker...Joker.... And a refree runs towards the ring, then the bell rings and the match starts*

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