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Your mom's introduction. Empty Your mom's introduction.

Post  Balboaaa on Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:55 am

Suddenly big light shows and fireworks struck arena , and there comes a massive power house , YOUR MOM!

Kevin Peterson : WOW , look at his muscles , he looks so strong!!

Peter Stewart: Maybe he looks like a massive powerhouse , but when one of our roster wrestlers get hands on this jobber there will be nothing left!

Kevin Peterson : don't be so shure Peter.

*YOur mom is already in the ring*

Your mom : here i am your future big thing!

*Some of crowd boo's*

Your mom : You pathetic loser's , if you dont have future i am , and i will be your light....weight..... chemp!!!

Peter Stewart : i bet he will not be the chemp , he dont stand a chance against our guys!

*Your mom exits the arena , with a big flames from behind*


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