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Post  David Prophitt on Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:20 pm

David Prophitts theme music begins to play as David makes hes way to the ring with mic in hand

David Prophitt: its clear that the gm can see my potential. my first match is at ah ppv and against a top rate superstar. I am sure HeracleX well be a great opponent but in the end i well raise my hand in victory.

Peter Stewart: wat u think kev?

Kevin Peterson: i think he well be put in hes place by HeracleX

David Prophitt jumps onto the corner turnbuckles

David Prophitt:ladies in gentleman be ready for a fight like no other. Be ready for blood and sweet. I well not stop tell i am either knocked out our am declared the winner!

David Prophitt tosses the mic to the outside jumps down and begins to warm up for hes match

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