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before match with Brinco Empty before match with Brinco

Post  Balboaaa on Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:49 pm

Lilly : Hey MRW fans im here from Balboaaa's locker room!

Lilly : so Balboaaa i we heard you have a match against your tag partnet brinco!

*Crowd confused continues watching interwiev*

Balboaaa : First of all former tag partner , second off all last week we lost only becouse of him and hes no good traning , tonight i gonna prove that i am a better man and kick his sorry ass. *Angry*

Lilly : Wow , balboaaa , do you think you have what it takes to defeat lighting fast Binco?

Balboaaa: Yes and after i will beat him i will go solo , and well se what our GM will put against me.*evil smile*

Lilly : You heard it from balboaaa's locker room , hes going solo.


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