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Interview with Joker Empty Interview with Joker

Post  Joker on Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:33 am

*Camera opens at backstage where Marilyn stands with Joker with a mic in hand.. camera zooms Marilyn*

Marilyn: "Good evening fans!! Now I am standing with our great wrestler, the people champ and also our Light Weight Title match contender The Joker"

*Crowd cheers and sounds more*

Marilyn: "Hi Joker!!! I think from this cheers from crowd we can decide how many hearts you have conquered joker.... Its great"

*Joker gives a sweet smile*

Marilyn: "Just a smile!! okay fine!!! How do you feel this PPV??"

Joker: "Well!!! This PPV is so important for me because in this fed this is the first PPV also i needs to fight for my title... First impression will be the best forever so I need, also I am in a situation to take the Light Weight Title tonight to remain in every hearts of my forever... Also I feel so comfort with this PPV looking good every where....."

Marilyn: "Great Joker!!! What do you think about your opponent today??"

*Joker giggles*

Joker: "I don't think he is so strong than me, but whatever he may be, this is my title I will achieve it, to achieve this I will do any thing in the ring... Also its an last blood match, so sure I will knock him down.... Tonight is the day he cant forget all over the seasons..."

Marilyn: "I encourage your confidence also I congrats for your match Joker"

Joker: " Thanks sweet heart, will feed all my fans with my brawl feast today...."

*Crowd gives a tremendous applause and appreciates Joker*

Marilyn: "fine Joker now its time for me to move on see you later..."

Joker: "Okay my marilyn darling.... see you later"

*crowd cheers....Marilyn moves as the camera fades and opens at the ring*

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