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Post  The Legend on Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:19 pm

The camera fades in to the sold out arena where thousands of fans can be seen on their feet as tonight is a special airing of The Outsider's Academy Pay-Per-View show. The fans start to chant as all of a sudden fireworks are being launched as the fans cheer more of excitement. The arena ceiling opens as a plane flies by dropping money as the fans start to catch the falling bills.
Kinnicky Dean: Wow The Legend went all out for today's Minor Pay-Per-View which is still important since it is fueling up our Main Pay-Per-View which will feature 3 Title Matches in one night.
James Monroe: I don't know about you Kinnicky but i'm trying to catch enough money so that i can eat free tonight.

James Monroe is seen catching money as Kinnicky joins in the fun. The Legend can be seen walking toward the ring as the fans go crazy. The Legend waves to the fans as he climbs the steel ramp and over the ropes. The Legend stands in the middle of the ring as he starts to talk.
The Legend: It has been quite a season hasn't it folks? We have seen some matches that blew our minds away, some matches that made us snore, and we also seen things behind the scenes of our most favorite and hated wrestlers. I want to say it is a honor to have you fans here tonight.
Fans chant (Thank You Legend).
The Legend: As many of you fans may know that we have a incredible line up of matches tonight. Lets get this show on the roll shall we.
The Legend leaves the scene.

(Anyone can add more)

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