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Post  The Legend on Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:46 pm

The camera rolls in to the scene where Lilly is about to interview The Legend. The camera man goes to The Legend's office as he opens the door to catch The Legend and Lilly kissing. Aware that they are in camera The Legend starts to talk.
The Legend: You see Lilly now that's how you kiss someone. Now that the lesson is over let's get started with this interview shall we gorgeous?
Lilly: Yes we should. Now what is your thoughts about facing Whosyourdaddy Uppertaker for the Rumble Heavyweight Title? Also out of all the matches why would you face him in a 2 out of 3 submission matches?
The Legend chuckles.
The Legend: Will to be honest i feel that this will actually be a tough match. Uppertaker is someone that you want to take serious with since he is one of the hardest wrestler's to beat here. I have examined his moves and i think with my speed i will be able to dodge them all. Now for the match i choose it because it is something different. It is a match that we both aren't very good in so it will test us in our weaknesses and how to overcome them.
Violet: I see but still Legend why would you want to test your weaknesses? Uppertaker can just simply knock you out with his pure strength. He doesn't need to make you submit at all.
The Legend starts to think for a little before responding.
The Legend: You do have a excellent point right there Lilly. Uppertaker is widely known to knock out his opponent so that is why i didn't pick Last Blood Match. I feel confident though that because of the 2 out of 3 match that he will focus more on submission moves if he has some then his regular brute force moves.
Lilly: I understand Legend. I should get going since it is a busy day for me since i have a lot of interviews to do. I'll see you after your match and if you win i'll reward you with a surprise.
Lilly kisses Legend's forehead as she leaves and gives him a wink. Camera fades off.

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