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Post  Goku on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:38 am

*Camera Brightens up backstage where the interviewer Johnny smith is standing by*

Smith:Hello Everyone and welcome to the Midnight Fallout interviews.

Smith:I am going to have many superstars each week to talk to starting right now.

*Crowd is inspired from what smith says*

Smith:Now let us introduce the man i have with me Goku.

*Goku appears wearing his martial arts clothes with his house club symbol on his shirt*

*Goku Begins to Speak clearly*

Goku:Hello Everyone i am Goku Nice to meet you all.

*Fans start Cheering Goku,Goku Goku.*

*Goku smiles happily*

Goku:Glad we can get along , now down to business you know the titles get changed around lots that's cool i am happy to be in my match at the ppv.

*Suddenly a group is bashing some superstars but the gm triess to break it up but gets beat up too until Goku Stands tall and gives each of them an 8 style of punches and a powerful power kick sending them flying.

Goku:Take that thugs.

Superstars & GM:Thanks Goku your great.

Goku:Gee Thanks Guys

*Camera zooms back at Johnny smith*

Smith:Who says crazy things don't happen well that's it for now.

*Camera goes back to Goku and the gm and stars*

Superstars:You really helped us out anytime u need something just ask.

GM:you Really are special Goku i will keep an eye on u.

*Camera fades as Gm Leaves the backstage and Goku Smiles as the fans chant Goku Goku Goku*


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