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Post  Joker on Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:06 am

*The camera opens outside the Arena as the bright lights of the stadium shine onto the night sky where the logo of MRW can be the seen. The camera cuts to inside the arena where the fans go wild for the start of the first PPV of MRW. The camera pans around the crowd where banners of people's favourite wrestlers can be seen. The camera lingers over the Titan Tron as colored fireworks go off all around the Tron. The camera moves on and comes to rest on the commentators table.*

Knnicky Dean: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first PPV here on MRW. It was a very eventful PPV, everyone here were eager to see their new champions crowned, all your predictions and expectations gonna end tonight ".

James Monroe: "yeah!!! Legend did good in that triple threat match he were presented with last show and also it seems Joker is ready to face santino tonight , he looks so energetic and he emerge at the last The Outsider's Academy show, during that he looks like an fired bullet.........."

Knnicky Dean: " Yeah, I'm surprised Joker allowed that ending to count, I mean come on there should only be one Light weight title holder".

James Monroe: "I think it's fair, they both deserved it over the course and I think they will both be successful when either of them decide to take over the other".

Knnicky Dean: "Lets see tonight who gonna achieve it.... Also the midnight title is quite miserable, we cant decide who will be taking it because Tiger is an technician but Erudio is a strong wrestler".

James Monroe: "Yeah but Tiger has more experience than Erudio, so Tiger have more chances of taking the title... He always have the win over his opponent in his pocket, so same way he may take this match also......."

Knnicky Dean: "Lets have an decision at the end of tonight..... Also today there a big Rumble Heavy weight title match for our GM, Its an 2 of 3 submission match, I supports our GM Legend sure he will be taking the crown...."

*crowd cheers*

James Monroe: "No...No...No Dean that cant be easy for our GM, because whosyourdaddy is an Giant he may crush Legend so we cant decide that easily.... I too supports Legend but result cant be predicted as such... Lets wait an watch!!!!!"

Knnicky Dean: "okay Lets move on to our first match at PPV.... I wish all the crowd here should enjoy this show like a Christmas morning!!!!! Lets roll on to our first match.................."

*camera moves to the center of the ring, where Brandy Rose stands at the center holding a mic with cheerful face..........*

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