Ending of 17/08

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Ending of 17/08 Empty Ending of 17/08

Post  Joker on Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:22 am

*camera moves to the commentary table........ where Knnicky dean and James Monroe smiles *

Knnicky Dean: "wow!!! what a show??? i think everyone here have enjoyed the show well..... This is the last show of "The outsider's Academy " in this season..... "

James Monroe: "you are correct Knnicky!!! Also there is an PPV within next two days..... I know everyone here was eagerly waiting for that show because it gonna decide who is our champ of season 1....... Also now we can take a look of Title match contenders and their schedule"

*Camera focus the screen on the titan tron....... A video runs over there it shows the table consist of the wrestlers who is the contenders and their title matches*

Knnicky Dean: "Fine!!! These are the title matches.... So sure we all have blast on MRW PPV.... So we will meet you at PPV bye MRW..... This is from Knnicky Dean and James Monroe"

*camera fades by flashing the MRW logo on the screen*

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