An Arrival of Joker

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An Arrival of Joker Empty An Arrival of Joker

Post  Joker on Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:48 pm

*Camera opens at the parking lot..... where a black limo is coming and stands, camera zooms the door which is opened by a wrestler.... After the wrestler got's down, he found as a Joker.... Joker gets down from the car an moves wearing a coat suit with a rolling stick in his hand.... the fans rushes towards Joker for getting his autograph... The guards makes him for the way inside arena..... Dexter wong rushes to the Joker*

Dexter Wong: "Hi Joker!!! Welcome to Sydney for the first PPV of Midnight Rumble Wrestling...."

Joker: "Fine Dexter!!! Good to see you here.... whatz up???"

Dexter Wong: "Every one says you are multi millinore ..... What you are saying about that Joker????"

Joker: "I think its a wrong question, you should understand while the Joker gets down from the limo wearing a costly coat and a rolux watch!!!"

Dexter Wong: "Yeah!! I too noticed that stuffs joker... Its pretty cool..... What do you think about Sydney???"

*Joker giggles*

Joker: "Mostly I came here only for business deals with some equal parties.... but this is the first I came here for the Brawl, actually I requested this place for the PPV to GM Legend..... I have an fare deal with one business man so I have selected this place.... Also While I return to my native I will grab my Light Weight Title also...."

Dexter Wong: "Hey Joker!!! You didn't even enter into the arena but before that speaking about returning with title... Its really shows your amazing confidence........"

Joker: "Confidence makes a man to achieve anything in his life, that's my policy.... Also you can notice inside my limo, I have written on the inside top.... It quotes that 'Don't lose your confidence at any cause......'"

Dexter Wong: "Wow great Joker!!!! I too likes to follow your policy"

*Joker and Dexter smiles*

Joker: "Sure you will achieve great in your life friend!!! Okay Dexter I am leaving because I wanna do some warm up... Also i feel tired of travelling see you soon bye!!!"

*Joker moves inside the arena in hurry... Dexter just stands by seeing him.... Camera fades and opens at the ring*

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