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Pyscho's Feud Interview Empty Pyscho's Feud Interview

Post  The Pyscho on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:58 pm

Johnny Smith:* So The Pyscho the word is that your feuding with Joker can you tell me how true is that rumor?*

The Pyscho:* Well that is 100% correct i dont like him and to tell the truth when i get in the ring with him i'm going to hurt him for me and for all my fans.*

*The crowd goes wild and cheers for the pyscho*

Johnny Smith:* So your saying he has no chances to beat you?*

The Pyscho:* That's right i'm stronger,quicker,and one of the best techs here so of cource he has 0% chance to beat me.*

* The crowd goes wild as The Pyscho leaves the Interview Area. As he leave's the interviewer suprise with his actions.*

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