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Age: 42 (in game 76)
Weight:286 lbs
Face/Heel: Face in the style of Kane or Abyss
Finishers: The Guillotine, The Executioner's Poleaxe, The Hangman,
Signature Moves: Abomination, Impaling Spike, Vlad's Curse
Taunts: The Hangman, The Guillotine, Uppertaker's Rage
Catchphrase: I'll chop your head off
Short Bio: Born in a small town called Baskerville, whosyourdady, who was so called by the natives, was raised by Bishop Maltheus de St. Claire in a local monastery, who taught him about christianism, although he understood religion like a medieval inquisitor. After that he was brought by Father Rawlings into the Department of Occult Warfare, where he learned to fight and how to perform an exorcism. It was then when he received the title of Uppertaker, a title worn by many tyrants in the Dark Ages of history. But due to his deviant/devious behaviours, he was brought to the Arkham Asylum where he stayed many years. Untill one day when he saw a hardcore wrestling match at the idiot box, the object many call TV. Then he trained untill fit and joined the game of wrestling.
His debut was in Pro Wrestling Evolution under GM AminRa, and after PWE closed he joined Uncle Sam's Living on the Edge federation. After a short break, the hardcore fanatic was brought by an old friend Missing Linc in the Carnival Wrestling Alliance, the fed of Jakob Bludowski where he agained created havoc. After joining another federations, NExt Stop Wrestling: Asylum included, he took a break, presumingly tooking various assassination missions in Europe.
Now, fully fit, he joined Midnight Rumble Wrestling to prove his fans that he still has it, the skill to perform admirable hardcore bloody matches.

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