First emerge at the ring

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First emerge at the ring Empty First emerge at the ring

Post  Joker on Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:40 pm

*All of the lights in the arena go black. After several seconds of wait, the flash of cameras fills the entrance ramp as several photographers follow closely surrounding an unknown wrestler making his way to the ring. He makes his way into the ring and requests a mic*

First emerge at the ring 5-79

Joker : "Good evening fans of Midnight Rumble Wrestling. You may not know me in the ring, but as you can see from this entourage, I'm kind of a big deal. You will learn to love and idolize the name Joker soon enough when you see the fury mastery I bring to this ring"

*people whispers something among themselves*

Joker : "I can promise you people this. I am here for giving the pain to others and to have a wicked competition. The very same competition that you will agree you paid to see. I want to be the strongest wrestler in the world, and I aim to prove every week to you that not only can the best man win, but he can surely look good doing it"

*Joker hands the mic back to the ring announcer and exits the ring back up the ramp, the photographers entourage closely near*

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