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Arrival of "Joker" Empty Arrival of "Joker"

Post  Joker on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:14 am

- Camras open in on Marilyn backstage finishing up doing an interview. She's just about to send it back to ring side when the doors leading to the parking lot spring to like. Camras swing over to see who's coming through the doors, a well dressed man appears through the doors and as he slams them shut we can hear a faint........

Taxi Driver: " I SAID EUROS NOT DOLLARS !!! "

- The slam of the door quickly muffeled those yells. By now Marilyn and the camera crew had made thier way to the gentleman that just arrived

Arrival of "Joker" Marilyn Arrival of "Joker" Joker

Marilyn: " Hello Joker, I'm Marilyn I do all the interviews here in MRW. Can we have a minute of your time? "

Joker : " Well well you know who I am ? This country is starting to look a little better now. Of course I can give a pretty little woman like yourself a minute of Joker's cherished time. So whats on your mind pretty Marilyn ? "

Marilyn: " Oh yes I indeed know who you are I've seen all of your movies. And some countless times and How was your trip across the pond and are you enjoying this country thus far ?? "

Joker: " Pretty Marilyn if I may ?, so far, for "Joker" this place sucks !!!! I get to the airport and they had my $2.5 million Bently waiting for me and as i leave the airport some guy hits my car because he's driving on the wronge side of the road. Then a guy in my hotel tells me big Ben is down the street, I'm good friends with big Ben the QB from the Steelers, so I went down there and no big Big. A crowd had formed and people kept looking at the time clock on this building, I wear a $20,000 Rolex I know what time it is. And the rain it sucks too !!! "

- Marilyn stands there blushing in the wind the words from Joker had sent Marilyn back to her days in high school when she first fell in love with her math teacher.... yes a crush

Marilyn: " Of course you can call me that, after all I'm quite the looker. And as far as getting you settled into this new country I'll do what ever it takes to help you out"

- The commentators Kinnicky Dean and James Monroe interrups the interview..

Arrival of "Joker" Kinnickydean Arrival of "Joker" JamesMonroe

Kinnicky Dean : " Marilyn got to her first. But I'll get to her last. "

James Monroe: " Geezz ladies you dont have to get your undies in a bunch over this guy. "

Kinnicky Dean: " Let them go at it.... a cat fight with me as the ref. "

James Monroe: " Not you too!!! Marilyn sorry to interfere with the dating game but something is happening out here ring side. "

-Cameras cut to ring side where Kinnicky Dean and James Monroe get ready for the match..

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