MInor Show The Pyscho's Arrival

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MInor Show The Pyscho's Arrival Empty MInor Show The Pyscho's Arrival

Post  The Pyscho on Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:02 am

]i]*Who's car is that arriving here at the show oh wait it's The Pyscho's car. He's here and he looks like he's here ready to advance in the tournament.The Brandy Rose rushes out.*[/i]

Brandy Rose: * The Pyscho's it looks like you are focused on your tournament match againest Johnny Deville tonight. Can you tell us how you feel coming into the arena tonight?*

The Pyscho: Well I feel pretty bleep great how about yourself. No No No wait I dont want to know how you feel I want to know how my fans feel tonight.*

*the fans go wild chanting Pyscho, Pyscho, Pyscho......We love you Pyscho.*

Brandy Rose: * Well it seems that they are happy to see you. Well thats all and we wish you luck in your match againest Johnny Deville tonight.*

The Pyscho: * I dont need luck just my fans.*

* The Pyscho walks away as fans chant his name*

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