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The debut of OMS Empty The debut of OMS

Post  One Man Show on Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:00 pm

Kinnicky Dean:"Wow...we have a great show tonight...we've seen some good matches in tournament,but now we have part of a tag team match."

James Monroe:"Yes,V.I.C.T.I.M and Ranagol are fighting against Roll Fizzlebeef and his tag team partner,One Man Show."

The light turns off and a rain of fireworks begins.After a while,a new melody heards and all the people asks what's happening.When the light turns on back,they are with all stunned because nobody appeares.Suddently, a voice is heard:

"One Man Show is on the zooooooo neeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

The camera focuses on a man from the audience who has a mic in his hand.He wears a a red T-shirt with an O.M.S. inscription and a bandana with these innitials.

Kinnicky Dean:"It seems that One Man Show chooses to make a different enter for his match."

James Monroe:"He also has a mic in his hand.Maybe he has something to say."

O.M.S.:"Ladies and gentlemen,One Man Show is here to offer you all what he could give to his fans.The first opportunity is the following match in which I'll make my debut in MRW,after a long career in other divisions.I'll do my best to win the match even if I've suffered a lot due to a serious injury.I expect your support,the MRW fans and in a short period of time I hope to have here a lot of fans."

One Man Show goes to the ring,but on his way he stopps and gives his T-shirt to a child:"Takes this and remember:you are the first Showoholic"

The match is ready to begin.

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