Uppertaker speaks before his first match

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Uppertaker speaks before his first match Empty Uppertaker speaks before his first match

Post  whosyourdady on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:49 am

Smoke begins to flood the entrance as a byzantine choral music begins.
Eight druids with black robes and hoods and lit torches enter the arena, four on a side, four on the other. A ninth druid enters, without a torch, but more taller than the others.
He walks slowly while suddenly a heavy metal music begins to play, the taller druid takes off his robe and runs towards the ring. As he enters the ring he grabs a microphone from an assistant and begins to speak.

whosyourdady Uppertaker: Good evening MidNight Rumble Wrestling!
the crowd cheers and yells
It's a pleasure and honor to be tonight with you alongside the wrestling ring.
My name is whosyourdady Uppertaker and I'm here to fight the good fight and bring to you the joy of hardcore wrestling. Not to prolongue this further, I'm gonna say something about my opponent tonight.
I've seen tough guys, but this guy, kiriki, truly exceeded my expectations. I saw him training this evening and I'm uncertain I'm going to win, but it's gonna be a heluva match however.
Now it's time for me to speak through my wrestling.

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