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Post  The Legend on Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:26 pm

The crowd can be heard cheering as The Legend can be seen on the Titan Tron sitting down on his desk. The Legend starts to arrange some files that he has on his desk as Kiriki walks in to the scene. The Legend looks up at Kiriki as he continues to arrange his files. The Legend pulls out a paper that looks like a contract as he hands it to Kiriki. Kiriki grabs it from The Legend as he starts to read it to himself. After a few minutes pass by he sets down the contract as he starts to talk.
Kiriki: If i am reading this correctly, it says that if i win tonight's TagTeam Match then i would get a shot at the Rumble Heavy Weight Title correct.
The Legend: You are correct, but the key word is if you win tonight's match. I have no intention in going easy on you tonight or on your tagteam partner. I am going 100% hard on both of you because i have a message to send out tonight. That message is that i am the General Manager here and i am the best here as well. I know that for a fact that this might be my hardest match ever but i have no intention on losing.
Kiriki stares at The Legend as he starts to talk.
Kiriki: You speak big words General Manager but the question is can you back it up? I know that i am the toughest person in this federation and i know that because you feel threatened by me. You didn't have to challenge me in front of all those fans but you did. The reason you did it because you wanted everyone to see that i'm not a threat to you but you and i know that i am a threat. That's why you didn't face me in a One Fall Match because you know you would get dominated. You took the easy way out of this and challenged me to a TagTeam Match because you know that you might have a slight chance. To be honest to you Legend. You don't even have a slight chance of beating me tonight.
The Legend grabs a cigarette from his back pocket as he stands from his seat and heads toward Kiriki. They both stare at each other down as The Legend starts to talk.
The Legend: Do you mind lightening this up for me?
Kiriki angered tosses the cigarette out.
Kiriki: Do you find this a joke? You will see tonight that i am no joke Legend.
Kiriki walks out of the office as the camera fades off.

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