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Post  Joker on Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:07 am

* We see our back stage reporter marilyn, back stage about to knock on Joker's dressing room door. Marilyn looks so excited she is going to burst. She knocks on the door. *

Joker's Locker Room MarilynJoker's Locker Room Joker

Joker: " Who dares to knock on Joker's door??? This had better be good!!!....... Did you order something???..... You may enter.. "

* Marilyn opens the door and enters the room. Upon entering the room Marilyn expected to find Joker alone, but instead she find The Pyscho with Joker. The Pyscho not to be bothered sitting in the coner on an important phone call. *

Marilyn: " Its me Joker, Pretty Marilyn. Do you have a moment, or is this a bad time? "

Joker: " Its never a bad time for you pretty little lady, how many times do I have to tell you that??? Dont mind my mate, Pyscho is on the phone with some GM or CEO of something or another. But what can I do for you??? "

Marilyn: " I just wanted to ask you some questions... Like what brought this tag together?? "

Joker: " Well, This Tag was formed by The Legend when he relized that this could be the best ever in MRW "

Marilyn: " So this tag will right all the wrongs in the MRW ?? "

Joker: " Right the wrongs??? Thats a funny one Pretty Lily. We are here to take control of the wrestling world!!! you add in Pyscho, this man has wrestling in his DNA and his class and grace. Mix in me Joker with my fame and billions and my style, this script that I have for This tag is really going to make an impact !!! "

* By now Jarred done with his phone call. And he stand at side....... Camras fade to black...........*

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