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An interview derailed Empty An interview derailed

Post  Erudio on Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:25 pm

Lilly: MNRW fans, I'm backstage right now with one of the current contenders for the Lightweight Title, Erudio!
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Erudio, you defeated RJ Dias in a very impressive display in your first match with this federation! There are some who would say you are one of the major contenders for this belt, but a long road lies ahead of you!

Erudio doesn't react besides to look at Lilly for a moment. After a few seconds of dead air...

Erudio: I'm sorry, was there a question in there somewhere?

Lilly: Well, do you feel about the victory you...

Erudio: Feel?! What kind of question is that? "Oh, Lilly. I'm very upset actually. I really just want to blend in here, lose as many matches as possible and come nowhere near a title". To think you get paid to ask me insipid, maddening non-questions like this is...well, it actually kind of proves my point. So allow me to introduce myself. My name is Samuel Lowry, but I go by Erudio. That is a Latin word which means "to teach". And indeed, I do plan to share some wonderful lessons with the public in my time here. However, the best lessons are often learned through trial and error. I'm assuming certain things, almost certainly true, about the mental capacities of our audience here...mainly that they are the kind of people who think "How do you FEEEEEEEL" is a valid if I just TELL you things nothing will sink in.

The fact is, I am a man of many talents. Few people on earth are blessed with the incredible body I have worked so hard for. Fewer still combine that with the undeniable wrestling talent I possess. But when you consider the people who have all that and are also learned men who think on a different, utterly superior wavelength than the average, ordinary fools that walk this earth? There is only one man remaining. That's me, Erudio. But fear not. Over the future months, try your best to learn just a little from what I say every time I instruct you on how to better yourselves, and someday you may be intelligent enough to at least speak to me.

Lilly: I...well, in the next round of the tourna-

Erudio: Oh, I intend to win just as easily as I did in the previous match. But you see, far too many people are under the impression that wins and losses in a wrestling ring make the man. I will speak more on this in due time, when you have understood enough of my nature to be receptive to what I have to teach. But for now, understand that seeing me, that being introduced to my presence, will suffice. That is all I have to say. Please think on these words, audience. And if you do...there may yet be hope for you.

Lilly: Well i have just been told that you have been eliminated from the tournament. It seems that you are to strong and may no long compete for it.

Erudio looks at Lilly.

Lilly: But i been informed also that you will be able to compete for another Title that The Legend will be revealing soon.

Erudio storms out as camera fades off.


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