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Post  The Pyscho on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:34 pm

*johnny smith walks toward The Pyscho while warming up.*

Johnny Smith: "The Pyscho i'm here to ask you your thought's about your match tonight. So what do you fill will be the result from your match tonight?"

The Pyscho: "So your asking me what do I feel will be the result of my match tonight? Well i'll tell you what I think will be the match result me and Joker holding our hands in the air with the smile of victory."

Johnny Smith: "Do you feel that there is anyone that could of been a better tag partner for you?"

The Pyscho: "Do I feel like there could be a better tag partner for me? That's not a hard question just a stupid question the answer is NO and that's the end of this so called Interview."

*The Pyscho walks away as the camera fades*

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