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Post  The Legend on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:35 pm

The camera fades in to the scene where The Legend can be seen standing in the middle of the ring with the Light Weight Title on his hand. The fans begin to cheer for The Pyscho and The Joker as The Legend is about to talk. The fans remain silent for a little as he speaks.
The Legend: As many of you may know that at The Pay-Per-View it will be The Joker vs. The Pyscho in a special match. Now it took me time to think of a special match for this situation and i have finally thought of the perfect match for this. They will be facing in a Last Blood Match for the Light Weight Title.
The fans start to cheer and whistle.
The Legend: The Pay-Per-View is in two weeks so i thought we should do something special to warm up the challengers. Next week on The Outsider's Academy It will be a Pick your Poison Match. I know many of you may be wondering what this is but it is pretty simple. The Joker will choose an opponent for The Pyscho while The Pyscho will choose a opponent for The Joker.
Fans start to cheer even louder.
The Legend: I need to know before the end of tonight who will be facing who, so Pyscho and Joker you need to choose wisely and fast about who you will pick as a opponent. That is all thank you.
The Legend heads backstage as the next match starts.

(Joker and Pyscho make a rp about who you going to choose and add it to Sunday's show.)

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