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Beginning of 29/07 Empty Beginning of 29/07

Post  Joker on Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:27 am

*The camera opens outside the Arena as the bright lights of the stadium shine onto the night sky where the logo of MRW can be the seen. The camera cuts to inside the arena where the fans go wild for the start of the show. The camera pans around the crowd where banners of people's favourite wrestlers can be seen. The camera lingers over the Titan Tron as red, white and blue fireworks go off all around the Tron. The camera moves on and comes to rest on the commentators table.*

Knnicky Dean: " Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Midnight Rumble Wrestling show.... It's good to see you all again in our wonderfull show"

James Monroe: "Today this arena looks fascinating and the crowd cheers a lot and they looks more energetic.. I too feel soo comfort today man"

Knnicky Dean: "Well my dear friend..... same way I think our MRW wrestlers also will look so energetic ..... Last show, I mean The Outsiders academy, there were two Tag matches both was great also our GM won one match in that.... I think he will be happy about that...."

James Monroe: "yeah!!! Sure he will be dude.... Also we are marching towards our first PPV, we are nearer to that.... All MRW fans will be waiting to congrat the new champions and all may have expectations about the PPV...."

Knnicky Dean: "Yeah James!!!! The fans have decided already some wrestlers that he will win this title or he will lose like that.... They have to wait till the PPV to know whether their predictions will be correct or not......"

James Monroe: "Yeah!! Yeah!! Absolutly said Dean!! Okey now lets move on to our great show MRW and lets start our first fight "

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