Intruduce whit John Heely ( Balboaaa)

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Intruduce whit John Heely ( Balboaaa) Empty Intruduce whit John Heely ( Balboaaa)

Post  Brinco on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:43 pm

Suddenly it seems like a huge thunderbolt just has stroke... Flames are every where , and there comes a big power house , whit mic in his hands...

Kevin Peterson: Look at him , he looks like ten times bigger than you ...

Peter Stewart: Yea , yea very funy but he is giant why is he here ?

Powerhouse speak's in mic : Hello scums , my name is John Heely but my wreslers name is Balboaaa , and i will intruduce you whit myself ...
I am from small country at Europe , mybee you know such a wresler as Brinco he is my frend and also tag partner ... We are frends from 5 years and our both dreamed about bechoming superstars...

Crowd is angry about that he sad that their scums

Kevin Peterson: Wow this guy is realy annoying , i hope here will come GM and kick his ass out of here ....

Peter Stewart: He is realy a evil dude , why Brinco is frend's whit him ???

Kevin Peterson: i dont know but lets listen to the monster

Balboaaa: You dont like me and i dont like you but it dosn't matter bechous i have full right to kick your asses bechous i have full contract whit GM ....

Speakers playing the song and there comes Brinco whit mic in his hands and he is smiling
Balboaaa: Look at you i never tought you will be first in Federation

Brinco : yea hou would now it but we two have announcment that we will fight for tag team championship

Crowd looks intrested and are happy for this turn ower....

Kevin Peterson: i hope their asses will be kicked out when contract will end

Peter Stewart: i dont know but i like them

Crowd goes crazy while Brinco and Balboaaa is going to locker room ...


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