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Post  Joker on Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:31 am

*After a few seconds of dark, the rocket sound strikes the ramp and the fires were burning all over the titan tron and the Joker makes his way out of the Ramp and moves towards the ring wearing his violet coat suite with his face painted white with extended lips... crowd cheers and chants his name.... Joker gives his hands and light head butt with the kids*

Knnicky Dean: "Wow!! he looks great James... Feels that he looks so strong and perfect man, really looks fascinating..."

James Monroe: "Yeah!! but what he is doing here Dean??? He have his title match in PPV with santino.. but he came out at The Outsider's Academy show"

*Joker enters into the ring and asks for a mic*

Joker: "Good evening fans of The Outsider's Academy!!! Every one may thinks that today he has no schedule but what he is doing here??? I came here just for an visit of my Outsider's Academy fans...."

*crowd cheers and sounds more*

Joker: "Really I wanna say this to all my fans!!! I love you my dear fans........."

*Crowd cheers with applause and chants Love you too Joker...........*

Joker: "Yeah!! I too knows that every one loves me.... I assure you that sure I will keep the light weight title on my pocket and I wont let others to take that from me at any cause.... Because my fans needs me to take the light weight title and have it with me itself.... so i gonna make it for my fans wish... For sure I will knock santino in the Last Blood match and get my title from the Refree.... Then you all will see that Joker walks by wearing the light weight title in his waist all the time wherever he goes...."

*crowd cheers and chants yes...yes*

Joker: "So people, be ready to see the new champ and chants his name "Joker the champ"...... Also don't miss the blast on this PPV, see you all at the PPV.... Now my trainer is waiting for me, so I am moving see you fans"

*Joker hand over the mic to ring announcer and leaves the ring... crowd chants Joker...Joker...Joker..... The show continues*

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