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Post  Goku on Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:21 am

Camera starts backstage in the locker room
a man dressed in a suit gets a big explosive move from clone

Goku:Well..dad you see im not like you i will win the title at any stage and i will end swifts career just like many have tried to do to me...before you ask why i am out to be the best you should know that dad and Swifts in my way and i cant have that so at midnight rumble the so called "speedster " will be tamed you can count on it dad but just remember if anyone gets in my way they wil pay...And that includes you!!

*Just when his father begins to leave the clone gives him a AMD as he jumps up grabbing his dads neck and smashes it through a steel pipe*

*Camera fades away as Clone walks off*


[::The scene opens up in a nice neighboorhood as the camera zooms from right to left until it focusses on Goku walking up the street with the camera following right behind him,until they reach a nice house which looked like it hadnt been used for years as Goku sighs and begins to speak::]

Goku:Why am i out here i bet you are wandering?..well im out here because my dad was a famous wrestler..but dont you think just because he was a wrestler i got the easy way out no not at all you see dave its not like that my dad didnt help me win the world title my dad didnt help me defeat anyone.and im d**n sure my dad wont help me beat you.unlike you i dont need anybody i do things on my own.::]

[::Goku then pushes the door open to reveal a old tv with a old couch and clothes everywhere::]

Goku:Ahh..doesnt this bring back memorys but the bottom line is Swift come midnight rumble what ever happens in that match i will walk out the victor and you may bbe a animal you may be a freak h*ll you may be bigger then me but theres one thing youll never ever be better then me..so like i said many times before at the ppv The Legacy of swift silver ends
[::Goku then poses while the camera fades to black::][/I]


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