The Pyscho's First interview appearance

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The Pyscho's First interview appearance Empty The Pyscho's First interview appearance

Post  The Pyscho on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:05 pm

[color=orange]*the pyscho's coming to the ring.The fans are going wild at the appearance of the new BIG time superstar.*[/color]

Johnny Smith: *So The Pyscho do you feel like your ready to compete againest the best of the best of WGI Wrestling ?*

The Pyscho: *I feel that I am more than ready I've been waiting for this opportunity my whole life it'sa dream come true like a team winning the super bowl.*

]i]*The Crowd goes wild chanting Pyscho,Pyscho,Pyscho.*[/i]

Johnny Smith: *Well I think the crowd thinks the same thing but I just have one more question to ask you. How do you feel about you feel to be a WGI superstar.*

The Pyscho: *I feel great like I said a wonderful opportunity to be here.*

Johnny Smith: *Well that's all thanks for your time The Pyscho.*

The Pyscho: * Your welcome*

*The Pyscho Leave's the Ring*

* The fans chant Pyscho, Pyscho, Pyscho.*

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