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The Pyscho's Minor Show interview Empty The Pyscho's Minor Show interview

Post  The Pyscho on Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:45 pm

*The Pyscho is going going to the interview area for his upcoming match againest Johnny Deville. The crowd streams for The Pyscho "Pyscho I love you you Pyscho." The Pyscho emerges from behind the sheets.*

Johnny Smith: *Hi The Pyscho it's good to have you here with us today.*

The Pyscho: *It's good to be here with you and my fans also.*

*The crowd chants Pyscho, Pyscho, Pyscho.

ohnny Smith:*So The Pyscho of course im here to ask you a few questions.So how do you feel about mentally and physically going into your match againest Jonny Deville?*

The Pyscho: * Well of course im not scared of a fight and I feel 100% healthy going into the match i have no pains of nothing, and I have zero chance to loss to Johnny Deville.*

Johnny Smith: *Well it seems you are very confident. So the big rumor is that you plan on making him tap if possible.Is that right?*

The Pyscho:* That's correct i hope to put i really want to have a ironman match to make him tap repeatedly and no more futher questions. IM OUT.*

*The Pyscho walks out as the crowd cheers for him.*

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