At the time of announcing while the match starts

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At the time of announcing while the match starts

Post  Joker on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:44 am

*camera opens at the ring, where the Ring announcer Brandy Rose stands at the center of the Ring*

Brandy Rose : "The following contest is scheduled for One Fall!!!! Introducing first, Joker!!! "

*Joker makes his way to the ring wile the theme song play's with his entrance and steps into the ring with a mic in his hand.*

Brandy Rose : "And the........" *Joker interrupts.*

Joker : "wait! wait! Good evening fans of Midnight Rumble Wrestling!!!!!!"

*crowd cheers!!!*

Joker :"Hmmm I think all you peoples are here to enjoy the MRW show. Well this is my first brawl at MRW so sure will do well.”

*crowd yells oooooooh and claps their hands!!!*

Joker: “Also you peoples have some expectations, sure all your expectations will be satisfied.”

*suddenly the theme of Twobit starts playing. Everyone looks at the entrance , Twobit makes his way to the ring.*

Brandy Rose: “And the opponent, Twobit!!! "

*Joker throws the mic down while Twobit rush towards the ring!!!!*

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